We are a group of 25 guys aged between 16 and 18 years, which connects us the love of the bike. We enjoy joint trainings, preparations and cycling races the most. Our coaches are Miha Koncilija, Blaž Debevec and Jan Jovan, all sworn recreational cyclists.

We train four to five times a week, our routes are 70 to 130 km long, most of the training is done in Gorenjska or around Ljubljana. During the weekends, we participate in competitions both at home and abroad.

The first matches of the 2022 season started at the end of March in Italy, and we started the season in Slovenia at the beginning of April. We built on an extremely successful season with all three national championship titles. In the time trial and in the criterium, Natan Gregorčič became the national champion, while Domen Oblak won the road race.

Our vision is to become the best cycling academy in the region and beyond, and to cultivate new winners with a top-notch professional approach. Our goal in the near future is to have a team of younger members up to the age of 23, which will enable talented young riders to transfer to foreign professional clubs.

Our selection consists of 28 members aged between 14 and 16. We share a love for cycling. Some of us have been using pedals for five years. Still others got to know competitive cycling only this year. Our coaches are Miha Koncilija, Blaž Debevec and Jan Jovan.

We train three to four times a week, during training we drive from 50 to 90 km at most in the vicinity of Ljubljana. During the weekends, we participate in competitions both at home and abroad.

Our goals are to compete well in races in Slovenia and abroad, to successfully represent the colors of KD Rog in the Cup of Slovenia, and to be included in the Slovenian national team for the stage race in the Czech Republic.

In the 2022 season, under the leadership of coaches Jan Jovan, Blaž Debevac and Miha Koncili, the juniors participated in 35 races in Slovenia and abroad. The first races in Italy started at the end of March in Italy, and in Slovenia we started the season at the beginning of April with races in Ptuj and Tunjice. In this category, we have a very promising generation of boys, as they regularly rank among the top three in the Cup of Slovenia, and are also among the best in races abroad. At the national championship in the time trial, Jakob Jere was third, and at the national championship in the criterium, Tine Jenko was in second place. In the most important race of the season, we had a representative in the Olympic team of Slovenia at the EYOFU in Banska Bytrica, Bor Ebner took part.

Diligence, organization, patience, persistence, focus, fair play motivation, drive, self-belief, education before competitive goals, compassion for helping those in need, and giving back to the environment from which we come are the values we live by.


We are boys aged 13 and 14 in the 2023 season, and there are 21 of us in total. Our training sessions are between 30 and 60 kilometers long, and we meet at the pond in front of Šmartni. Among other things, the trainings largely include learning the basics of cycling, a lot of work is done on riding technique and handling the bike. The group of boys A and B are the first to do almost all their training on the road and are faced with road traffic. So that a good knowledge of road traffic regulations is one of the key initial skills of trainees. Boys A and B have training sessions 4 times a week for about 1.5-2 hours or 40 to 60 kilometers, on weekends they can do more. They work on riding in a group, shifts, circular riding, acceleration, sprints, tempo riding... However, the basics are still very important here and that's why they still work a lot on controlling and mastering the bike through exercises such as: collecting water bottles, snail riding, leaning on a co-cyclist , situation on the spot.. Since they are driving in a group, timely signaling to the others in the group who are driving behind you is also very important. In this way, the whole group can safely avoid a hole in the road or an obstacle that unexpectedly appears in front of the cyclist. In order for the group to ride safely, everyone must, among other things, know the appropriate cycling signals. The goals are; have a good time on the bike, enjoy what they are doing, acquire a lot of new knowledge, develop motor skills, follow the principles of fair play and develop as a cyclist to the point that they can later successfully perform and compete in higher categories.

The C boys is the youngest competition category in road cycling. Cyclists between the ages of 10 and 12 perform in it, and their training usually takes place 3 times a week at the Tacno police training ground. There are 18 of us in the 2023 season, and the number will continue to grow towards the end of the season. It is precisely in this category that the largest number of new members join us every year. At the range, we learn bike control through various technical ranges, riding in the lee, riding in a group, changing. We also regularly do rhythm changes, sprints, practice turns and increase physical fitness. In this category, we compete in races across Slovenia, the competition season starts in April and lasts until the beginning of October. In the summer (usually in the month of August), we take part in a 4-day cycling camp, where we combine training with holiday activities.

Pogi Team Cycling School it operates as part of the Rog Cycling Association, and is intended for all young boys and girls, from the age of seven, who enjoy cycling and would like to learn about road cycling. Riding a special bike has a special charm, but first you need to master cycling skills. In the cycling school, training takes place at the closed police training ground in Tacno, where there is no traffic and, from this point of view, the most suitable place for learning. In addition to our youngest cyclists (ages 7-11), all beginners who have not yet mastered all the cycling skills necessary for safe riding on the road do their first kilometers in the cycling school. Once they have mastered this, we assign them to the age category to which they belong depending on their age (Boys, juniors,...) You bring your child to training approx. helmet. Our trainers also bring some specials to the training sessions, which the trainees can then use during training. (occasionally, due to the large number of trainees, only a certain number of cyclists can borrow the special bike).

Training at the cycling school is divided into winter and summer:

In the winter part (November-February), training takes place twice a week, namely once in the Šmartno Elementary School gymnasium, where we strengthen our muscles with various strength exercises, balance exercises, coordination and sports games, and once a week we build up our fitness with hikes to Šmarna gora and A lot.

In the summer part (March - October), training takes place twice a week at the police training ground in Tacno, namely on Mondays and Thursdays (after winter from 5-6 p.m., in summer from 6-7 p.m.)

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